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Quit Smoking! (LIUWL)
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 | 10:26 PM | 0 comments


Well yes, today I'm gonna do a write up about my views on smoking and why you shouldn't!

As you guys know, smoking became a really common thing amongst us teens these days. Do you actually know that each time you light up a cigarette, it's not only YOU who stands a chance of being highly prone to suffer from a heart attack or lung cancer? 

The life expectancy of a smoker is cut short by 10- 12 years and more than half of all smokers die from smoking-related diseases. 

The younger the onset of smoking the longer one will most likely smoke and younger one is more likely to die. Smoking is a slow killer, not just to the smoker but to those also around him as they are affected by second- hand smoke.

You affect those people around you! Second-hand smokers are at a even higher risk of suffering from smoke-related diseases. Even though half the time, when you're smoking, majority of the cancer causing agents may be left in your lungs, the smoke that is thereafter exhaled ALSO contains carcinogens. 

Hence, anyone can spend their entire life without coming into contact with a cigarette only to contract lung cancer from the second hand smoke they inhaled their entire lives. 

Hence, the reason why many public places are not categorized into "smoking" and "non-smoking" area. 

From what I observed, people start smoking either due to stress, peer pressure or simply because they think it's COOL (which is the stupidest thought ever).

If you're stress, why not find something else to do? There are so many other things in life that are able to help you reduce stress caused from the amount of workload or personal problems you have! 

Eat desserts, go on vacations, go on dates with your friends, read a book, surf the net, play some water sports etc!

Peer pressure; I really hate those friends that encourage their companies to pick up smoking. Put it in a blunt way, it's like; YOU WANNA DIE, YOU DIE ALONE. DON'T DRAG YOUR FRIENDS ALONG.

Ok kidding. But seriously, if you claim to be a "friend" then do what friends are really suppose to do. Help each other, not harm one another... lol.

It's cool? Do you really think you'd find it cool when nicotine and other chemicals starts invading your entire skin, mouth and nose... and you result to be...

Every time I see these cigarette boxes, a reminder immediately pops up in my head that I NEVER WANNA LOOK THIS WAY.

Moreover, 20 cigarettes a day, are three-times more likely to wrinkle prematurely than non-smokers, and the effect is more pronounced in women than in men. These wrinkles are unavoidable and irreversible.

The long term effects of smoking on your appearance can cause unsightly deep grooved crow's feet, vertical furrows above the lips, broken capillaries, thinning skin and the trademark grey hue to the complexion that all smokers suffer.

For me, I'm f*cking cautious about my looks and anal about my impression that people have on me. Which is why I've never tried smoking even though 3/4 of my friends are smokers. (I think I'm gonna die earlier though) -_-

And for smoking mothers, are you actually aware that you might cause your kids to suffer from improper growth? Think for them please.

Besides all these harmful effects to your health and appearance, you lose a huge sum of money too by smoking! 

1 box per day = $10. 
365 days = ? At least $3650!!! ~ $4k.

Even though my maths sucks to the effin core and beyond, I'm aware of how much it actually costs! Sucha waste of money!

Seriously, if you've so much money donate some to me lah...... I can use those money to buy more shoes, clothes or even have a nice plastic surgery to improve my looks which I'm unsatisfied about. LOL.

I know it's hard to quit but do something about it, don't wait till you regret!
If I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses~
No one will bury you in satin ok, stop dreaming.

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So... I attended LIUWL's event last Wednesday at Scape with Annabel and Collette!! Two gorgeous girls... Grabbed some of the pixs from C's.

I swear the awesome performance put up, took my breath away! There were like buffet catered for this event as well! WOAH, MY FAV PART. HAHAHA.

So the event kicked off with a Dance competition!

Love these girls! From their moves, I bet they are ballet/modern dancers. Hahaha (Acting pro in my observational skills)

THIS GROUP WAS AMAZING!!! The crowd was supa fascinated with their performance as well. *Loud applauses*

Was pretty disappointed they didn't win.... I was like DAMMIT.

Fad Faction!!!!!! Hahaha, recognize one of the guys there? Yea it's Louis in the middle. (Blogged about him before.)

A Kpop dance put up by CJ dance crew! Spectacular dance moves.

*Anticipating for the results*

Look at their nervous faces!

Following the elimination, they then held a dance battle between the three winning teams!!!

Conclusion... after much discussion amongst the judges... The three winning teams were.......




DJ S.O.F and Inquisitive on the stage to start of the party! (Look at Dew holding the mike.....) Hahahaha!

Random guy who approached me half way! Say hi!!! *Waves frantically* 

Fai showing off his spinning skills...

Had a great time at the party I guess! Anyway, if you're interested to read up more and wanna find out how to kick off your bad habits...

Log on to http://breakfree.sg/ now!!!

Remember, all the bad effects may not take place now... But it may, in a few years time.

Ok so attention back to me, my turn to irritate you with my face. LOL.

You can always hang out with your buddies instead of picking up smoking!!!

Met up with Dee and Kalebh (Till now I still have problems pronouncing his name...)

He very cute right..... Hahaha.


Chillin at Starbucks after a long hectic day!

And yes... some random pictures of my gal's drawing during art today!

This is mine!! *.*

Came home to receive my first package of lenses from http://i-babydoll.com

Will review on them after I get the rest of my sponsors!!! Can't wait!

Wintermelon soup with rice.... yums......

So... I was bored and I decided to make my own "inspirational book" to motivate myself everyday. LOL.

Once again, you can always do these sorta stupid things instead of smoking. ;)

& Here you go!!! As promised from my previous post, my shoe collection!!! Hehe.

Till then! x

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