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My new LG g3 and new plan!
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 | 7:56 PM | 1 comments

Quick update before I begin - Last Saturday was crazy!!! Only had less than 5 hours of sleep before my day started. Went for a 4 hours outdoor photo shoot for Ohsofickle, (Can't wait to share with you guys more!) before I made my way down to Ryan and Sylvia's place to begin the craziest video shoot ever, for JH.

Filmed from 5pm all the way till 1.30 in the morning. Felt like 10 bottles of deodorant wouldn't have done any justice to my stinky self.

Anyway, here's a sneakpeek of hao's upcoming video and some photos taken behind the scenes. :p

Moving on to the main topic of the day, as you can read from the title, I GOT A NEW PHONE!!! (It's gonna be a pretty long post today, but bear with me till the end!!! I've a piece of good news to share.)

Before I begin, I just wanna share a little on my phone experience. Ever since I had my hands on my first iPhone in 2011, I've never switched to any other handsets. Firstly, I'm a diehard Apple fan, and secondly, never have I tried any other phone that I was able to stay with for more than 3 days. I swear, 3 days was the max I could go without my iPhone. Not to mention, that only happens in worst case scenarios, e.g losing my phone.

In other words, for me to actually, willingly try another phone, it has to either work as well, or better than an iPhone.

Which is why, my experience with the new LG g3 is worth the mention.

(All the photos, including the video above is captured using the LG G3)


I guess with similar competitors or phones of the same calibre; such as Samsung and HTC, it's extremely difficult to be able to keep up with the standards of people and their growing demands.

There are so many great stuff in this phone alone, but I probably wouldn't be able to list them all down, so I'm just gonna share with you guys some of my...

Favourite Key Features

Personally, I really hate phones that look plastic-y, cos they look hella fake, and as much as I like my phone to be light in weight, I'm definitely wouldn't want a phone that looks like a kid's barbie phone.

Despite the G3 being made of plastic it is however, finished off with a metallic design. 80% polycarbonate, the 20% of metal that mixed in with it, gives it a look of sophistication. 

Thin, and easy to grasp, the G3 has no buttons along the sides of the phone, to emphasise on its simplicity. The startup and volume buttons are placed behind, for it's where we normally place our fingers at.

Thoughtful and a rather new concept, however, it does take a bit of practice and getting-used-to.

Above it all, should you need a battery swap-out if the phone ever crashes, it has a removable rear which allows you to easily remove and replace the battery. With the removable rear, it also means that you'd be able to slot in an additional micro-SD card for extra phone capacity.

Fell in love with the screen design and quality when I first saw it. Extremely futuristic, and crystal clear. I felt like I was holding a mini television.

Quad HD display, supports 538ppi (pixels per inch)
Vibrant colours, ultra sharp images 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.
Bezel-free 5.5 inch screen

Minimalism is they key.

After you unlock your phone, (via 1) KNOCKcode - where you can customise your own knocking pattern with 3-8 taps. Interesting concept. OR 2) Slide up to unlock) you'd enter the phone's home screen where everything's pretty straightforward, unless this is your first phone... You should be able to figure everything out within the first hour, maybe couple more hours to find out all the really cool technology, and eventually fall in love with the phone. :p

What I don't like about certain phones is that I get so confused by what's going on the moment I look at the screen, then I'd get so pissed off with the complexity and not wanna use it anymore.

Laser auto-focus + Perfect shot with one touch

A good selfie not only requires good lighting and angles, but the quality of the picture matters too! What's fascinating about the G3's front-camera is that it has a beauty mode for its built-in camera application. Where you can even adjust how "flawless" you want your skin to be. So much for Camera 360 and Mei tu xiu xiu, lol.

Not only does the beauty mode appeal to me, LG is brilliant for coming up with the idea whereby you could easily snap a seflie with a fist gesture. It first identifies the hand, (accuracy at its best) and the timer goes off once you clench your fist.

What the laser auto-focus does is that you can snap pictures by clicking on wherever you want the focus to be on, and it detects it almost immediately.

Have you ever deleted a photo or video by accident and wish you could undo it?! God! This is awesome. 

Smart Keyboard

With just two fingers, you could effortlessly resize your text while typing, and easily slide to adjust the keyboard to the size of your preference as well.

You could also minimise your text message and modify the opacity.

My favourite of all favourites?!?!?! Schedule sending! Nothing's better than being able to craft a message in advance... You know what I'm talking about? Like Birthday messages maybe?Hahahahahahahahha. Kidding.

Dual window

I'm not really sure if any other phones have this feature, but the person who invented this is INGENIOUS.

It's basically like multi-tasking, where you can do two things almost simultaneously. For example, watch a video on YouTube while sending a text message.

QuickCircle and Wireless Charging

You could get the extra phone cover which allows you to go on an app through a circle, based on your 6 most frequently used apps, and charge your phone without a wire now. What's more annoying than breakable, coiled up cables right? -_-

The part most of you may probably be anticipating for, the comparison between the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC one M8.

Just some of the more common features people look for in these smart phones these days, which I did some research on, and came up with this chart to your convenience. Others which are not listed here are probably because the three phones share the same feature.

Not trying to tempt you guys into getting a new phone, but if you are planning to get a G3, or any other phone, this is not the end of my post yet, I've a piece of good news to share!

As a student myself, I'm aware that money can be a huge issue to our daily lives, and phone bills are such pain in the ass. Especially with limited amount of data, my bill easily exceeds by at least $50-$100 more. Hence, when I found out about the new SingTel Youth Plan, I really wanted to share with you guys!!!

Here’s a simple comparison table that compares the different plans available across all 3 telcos. 
Basically, whether you're from NS, a young adult, and of course a student, you're entitled to this; as long as you have a valid student pass! And what’s more, in return to all your support all this while, SingTel has stepped in to offer an additional 2GB and $50 handset discount voucher just for you guys! That’s a total of 6GB if you sign up for the Value Youth Plan!!

How to purchase?

First, click this link http://singtelshop.com/naomineo (NOTE: You can only enjoy the extra goodies if you sign up via this link.)

Next, you'd be redirected to this page. -> Click on "Start Shopping"

You can then choose your handset.

Followed by the "Sign up new line" button once you're done.

Choose to get a new number or recycle your old one.

Then choose your ideal plan. The additional $50 off would be deducted at the final checkpoint.

Lastly, it's the extra value added services. (Skip this page if you don't need any, and you can checkout & make make payment!)

Reasons to buy online?

Super easy and straightforward.
You get $30 off daily on selected models.
$30 off every Wednesday on selected models.
Extra $50 off if you purchase from the link I provided.
Additional 1GB data.
30% new balance voucher.
Free delivery to your doorstep. (For trade-ins, it can be done at that same time as well)
Free SIM card change for re-contracting customers
All modes of payment are acceptable.

Besides, you can save the trouble from travelling and queuing in stores. Hence, I don't see any reasons for any of you to wanna miss out this great deal, unless your contract has yet to end.

The promo will end in (To be confirmed)

And whether you're from Starhub, or M1, you can still sign up if you're planning to re-contract! SingTel users? Good for you, you'd just have to upgrade your plan!!! :)


Who is eligible for the Youth Plan? 
a) All students with valid local student cards
b) Full time NS men with service status “NSF” in their 11B identity card and aged 25 years
and below at the point of sign up, excluding regulars
Do note that only 1 student card or 11B IC is applicable per youth plan. Any customer with both
a valid local student card and an 11B will not be eligible to apply to 2 youth plans under his

Is there an age limit?
If you are below 18, you require a photo of your parent/guardian guarantor’s IC when you apply
online. If you go down to the SingTel shops, your parent/guardian guarantor needs to be
present. If you are above 18, you can do everything yourself

To which Youth Plans are the perks applicable? 
Only the Lite and Value Youth Plans enjoy the perks, so do select either of these when signing up
for a new line/re-contracting.

Can I only sign up for this plan online? 
You may also sign up for this Youth Plan at any SingTel shop, but do note that there are some
special perks only available to those who sign up through our unique links with our social

How will the phone be delivered? 
It will be delivered right to your doorstep so do provide the right address! It should take
between 2-4 working days.

How does the phone trade-in work?
If you have a phone you’d like to trade in, there is an optional segment before check-out to
offset your one-time payment. Select which phone you would like to trade in, and present it to
the delivery person at point of delivery. 
In the event that you are still having doubts to purchase your phone or to sign up for a new phone plan online but still want the exclusive goodies from me, you can always email contest@gushcloud.com with your Name, Contact Number and let them know you are my reader and the voucher will be mailed to you directly for you to spend at a physical shop.

Alright, that's about it. I hope this lighten up some of your days! :D

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