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I-Babydoll Review
Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 9:20 PM | 0 comments

So as most of you know I'm kind of an obsessed user over contact lenses. Why? I don't know, I just feel that once you start putting them on for more than a month, you'll naturally feel awkward and naked without it.

Plus like they all say, our eyes are like the windows to the soul; it's prolly one of the most outstanding features of a human. Who doesn't want alluring, puppy-like eyes? I'll die to have them naturally if I had a choice... Especially coloured ones... 

I'm not really a fan of the really coloured-coloured ones, I usually go for the black or brown ones if you noticed. The colour of my eye is a darker tone of brown and it doesn't really look flattering when it comes to really vibrant colours... I just look like a freakin ugly alien.

And after using it over a period of time, trying all sorts of colours and designs etc... I kinda realize what are suitable for me and which will simply make me look like a complete idiot.

Personally, I'd usually get those with a thinner limbal ring because it looks more natural, instead of those which are too black and thick cos it will make your eyes look really fake... (I mean yea, it's already fake but it's gonna worsen it........ -_-)

Compared to a lot more lenses out there in stores, the in lenses are like Geo and some other korean-manufactured brands nowadays. Hahaha. However, due to the amount of fake lenses arising, many stores stopped selling them...

And a lot of you have been asking me where I got mine... So I'm here to introduce you an online shop that you might already heard of!

They have 7 different brand of lenses currently. In different diameters, colours, designs... A whole wide variety for you to choose from!

And these are some that I recommend:

• Diamond 3 tone

• Fynale

• Prodigurls (by Fynale)

• Luxury Babe

Tried the blue one before.

Got the one in purple!

I got the next two in black! :)

The brown one on the bottom is the one that I wore in my recent pictures.

If you like something that really make your eyes sparkle, try this series!

• Ifairy

***Note: Trust me the below pictures are definitely more accurate in terms of how the results will be compared to the normal ones like (click here)

Wouldn't say that they edit all those pictures, but sometimes due to the different the exposure of the pictures, and different coloured eyes etc... They look good and you'll look...

HAHAHA apologies if you just had your meal.

Cos it happend to me A LOT of times. and I didn't trust the pictures anymore. So I went on youtube or google to find more genuine reviews of these lenses.


The bottom two are examples of really bright colours which I can NEVER pull off.... Unless you've really light brown eyes (as an asian) and only if you tried them before and it really compliments you, otherwise don't take the risk!!!! Not advisable...

I'm helping you to save your money.... Hehe.

• Kimchi

Another few that helps to give that "teary-eye" effect :)

• Super Barbie

These are some very popular and commonly used series!!! :)

So if you're hoping to enlarge your iris/pupil... These lenses are some temporary solutions. HAHAHA. Plus they come with lense free casings and are nicely wrapped up with bubblewrap!!!! So you don't have to fret if the glasses might crack half way and whatsoever.

Kudos to Ibabydoll!

And please, as I said your eyes are really important so do take good care of them! Cleanse them properly and throw it away when the expiry date comes or when you feel that it's starting to irritate your eyes. Don't keep them even though it's hurting like hell just because you wanna save money....

 Been there, done that... And it wasn't a good experience.

When it comes to your eyes, MONEY SHOULDN'T COME IN THE WAY. At least that's what I feel... Unless you don't mind living in a world of darkness for the rest of your life.

Threw my old ones away and changed it with my brand new lenses which ibabydoll gave me! Happppyyy!

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